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Hi, I'm still using the nbd image via BBA from my Windows machine for MAME, SCUMMvm and SNES9x and I think a lot of people who originally started all the GC fun with BBA/PSO are still using GC-Linux this way because of the writeable harddisc advantage (Savegames in SNES/Scumm, Hiscore.dat in MAME and so on).

So I just wanted to ask for an updated version of the NBD image with all the improved libraries (especially the new SDL stuff) and fixes.

I know that it's possible to extract all the libraries from your newer releases via explore2fs and then send them back into the image with putty, but I don't think many GC Users know about these things and a lot of them will simply mess up their image this way, so a fresh and perfectly setup NBD image would be a great thing to have.

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